Retro photos: Mysteries of the Duke Energy archives solved! Retro photos: Mysteries of the Duke Energy archives solved!

Retro photos: Mysteries of the Duke Energy archives solved!

Readers identified these pictures from the past


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the Carolinas. Every other week, we post ones that aren’t properly identified and ask for your help filling in the details. Here are some photos that readers have helped us identify.

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Many of you emailed to tell us that photo 448 is a former operations center in Winston-Salem, N.C. Kathy Johnson, who still works for Duke Energy, said she started her career there in 1979, and the building closed in 1994.


Mark Nutter, and several Facebook followers, identified Celeste Keeney in photo 327. They estimate the photo was taken around 1986, and she was using a data capture device as a meter reader for Cincinnati Gas & Electric.


Sherry Reid, who works in the environmental offices at McGuire Nuclear Station, provided some details on the following photos that her teammate Eryn Molloy sent us. Above, John Derwort and Kathy McInerny look through a microscope at a 1985 career day at the plant.


In this photo, a McGuire teammate is using an image analyzer, which was a camera system that counted and measured small objects.


Employee Kathy Ligon identified herself and her former Public Service Indiana teammates in the three photos from this post in January. Above in photo 423 from left, Vicky Whitaker and Kim Boyd.


Photo 424 from left, Brenda Fellows, Sandy Bauer, Kathy Ligon and Judy Knight.


Photo 425 from left, Diana Parsons, Susan Pelley and Barb Hale.

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