Retro: What December 1981 looked like Retro: What December 1981 looked like

Retro: What December 1981 looked like

Can you ID these photos?


Nashville Gas employees posed for photos and marked the end of the year in December 1981. Do you recognize any of these employees from the construction department, service department or Church Street headquarters?

And if you scroll down, you'll find IDs on three old trucks from previous retro editions thanks to our correspondent Thomas Tate.

The images come from Duke Energy’s archives in Charlotte, N.C. If you can identify anyone in these photos, email information to, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 583: Do you recognize anyone from the Construction Department?


Photo 584: What about anyone from the Service Department?


Photo 585: Do you recognize any of these Church Street employees?

Look at these old trucks!


Photo 649 from the Public Service Indiana collection shows a 1946 Ford 1.5 ton pickup truck with a custom utility bed. "The truck is an early “Digger Derrick” model used for setting power poles," Tom Tate said, "hence the apparatus hanging out the back with the auger bit on it."


Photo 650: Tom Tate said this photo from the Public Service Indiana collection shows "a 1927 GMC T-40 cab/chassis with a custom bed for utility use. These trucks came (as you can get today as well) with nothing on the rear, so they could be fashioned for whatever use they might be used for."


Photo 651 from the Public Service Indiana collection is labeled March 1961. Tate said this is a 1958 Dodge D500. "It appears the rear half is for assisting in setting power poles, likely an early version of a bucket truck given the ladder access to the top of the pole and enclosed rear of the truck for carrying materials."

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