Retro photos: What's he doing?

Retro photos: What's he doing?

Help Duke Energy archivists identify these old photos

These photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., are missing identification. If you have any information about these photos, or know someone who can help, email Be sure to include the photo number or attach the image. Love retro photos? Subscribe now so you don’t miss any by clicking here.



Photo 106: From the Duke Power collection. Who is this man and what is he doing? 
104 group
Photo 104: This photo from the Duke Power collection depicts the 1992 Excellent Adventure. What was that and who are the employees?
Photo 107: From the Duke Power collection. Who are these happy guys and what department did they work for?
105 meter man
Photo 105: Who is this man and what is he doing? Photo from the Florida Power collection.


Mystery solved!


Photo 102: The person behind the desk is Christina Styles, and the “customer” is co-worker Cyndi Sundrup, reports Dan Book. It was shot on the first floor of Cincinnati Gas & Electric's 4th and Main building in Cincinnati, in the credit offices where customers could talk to someone about their bill.


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