Retro photos: Women in power Retro photos: Women in power

Retro photos: Women in power

Can you help us ID these photos?


Women have played a significant role in the history of our company. As we celebrate Women's History Month, meet some of the women who have worked at Duke Energy and its legacy companies throughout the years. If you recognize any of the people or locations in these photos, please email, and include the photo number or attach the image.

2024-0229-Retro 778

Photo 778: Do you recognize anyone in this photo? We think they worked at Duke Power Company in Hickory, N.C.

2024-0229-Retro 804

Photo 804: This Carolina Power & Light (CP&L) photo was taken at a substation in Raleigh, N.C. Do you recognize the woman in the hard hat? What is she doing? Bonus points if you know what device she is carrying.

2024-0229-Retro 807

Photo 807: This woman, a chemist employee, also worked at CP&L. Who is she and what is she mixing up?

2024-0229-Retro 810

Photo 810: We think this woman worked at Piedmont Natural Gas. Do you recognize her? What did she do?

2024-0229-Retro 798

Photo 798: Does the woman on the phone look familiar? She worked in Garner, N.C.

And the employees are …  


Photo 773: Robin Nicholson worked with her many contacts at Duke Energy Hickory Operations Center to help us ID the women in this photo: Cynthia Scott (left) and Rita Bass (right). They worked at Duke Power in Hickory, N.C. Another employee, also of Hickory Ops Center, gave us more information on their Customer Service jobs: “From what I remember, Cynthia managed Calendaring and ARCOS [a software system for finding, assembling and tracking repair crews]. Rita worked in Dispatch, then transferred to Metering. Both are retired.”

2024-0215-776 resized

Photo 776: With help from colleagues, Tony Adcock was able to identify the folks in this photo. Front row, from left, Sandy Teague (GIS tech), Gil Hammond (engineering supervisor), Mike Farmer (engineer) and David Smith (engineer). Back row, from left, woman in red with a handkerchief – Unknown, Mark Howard (engineer), Tony Adcock (engineer) and Bob Stewart (engineer). We’d love your help identifying the woman in the red dress.

2024-0215-779 resized

Photo 779: Adcock also helped us identify three of four people in this photo. From right, Don Eckerd (construction superintendent), Roger Kale (construction supervisor), L.C. Williams (operations & construction supervisor) and Unknown. Can you help us identify the teammate at the far left?

You helped us learn more about this photo:


Photo 767: We previously identified this gentleman as Fred Shade, a field service representative, but we learned more about his role thanks to Scott Dodgens: “[Fred] was a meter reader. The blue metal box in his left hand contained a stack of cards, one for each meter he read,” Dodgens said. “He would use the pencil in his right hand to fill in bubbles on the card corresponding to the readings on the meter. The stack of cards would be sent via courier for processing each day. The meter is in the metal box on the wall. The small window on the front of the meter base could be opened to reset the demand register on the meter. The Duke Power truck in the background was the vintage ugly yellow color of our vehicles in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.”

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