Retro photos: Who are these volunteers? Retro photos: Who are these volunteers?

Retro photos: Who are these volunteers?

Can you identify these old pictures?


Duke Energy employees share the same purpose: power the lives of our customers and vitality of our communities. Throughout the year, employees volunteer and donate to causes, but May is Duke Energy in Action Month, when special attention is paid to the importance of giving back through company-sponsored events. Last year, employees volunteered 12,000 hours at nearly 200 events during Duke Energy in Action Month. This year, we hope they’ll accomplish even more.

The following are all photos from past Duke Energy volunteer events – do you recognize any of these teammates or know when the photos were taken? Help us improve our records by sending us your memories about the photos below. You can send us an email at, and please include the photo number or attach the image.

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Mysteries solved!


Duke Energy employee Pam Boies recognized teammate Dennis Williams (far left) in photo 329 with President George H.W. Bush, who visited Duke Power in the early 1990s to recognize its volunteerism through his Thousand Points of Light campaign.

Williams, who still works at Duke Energy, said this is one of six pictures he has from the day, which happened by chance. He was interviewing for a job when the interviewer asked if he would like to meet the president. Williams said yes but thought she meant then-CEO Bill Lee. He soon realized it was not Bill Lee.

Williams toured Air Force One – he even got to sit in the Oval Office chair – and said it was a day he will always remember. When President Bush passed away in 2018, Williams hung up one of the pictures in his office.

“It was my way of honoring one of our true statesmen,” Williams said, “a man I truly admired.”

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