Retro photos: What is that stuff? Retro photos: What is that stuff?

Retro photos: What is that stuff?

You can help Duke Energy archivists ID these photos


What is that stuff shown in these photos? 

Many of the photos in the Duke Energy archives lack identification. If you can identify anything or anyone in these photos, email information about these images to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 533: Who are these Florida Power employees and what are they doing? And what is that stuff?


Photo 545: Who is this Cinergy employee and what is that tangle of wires?


Photo 550: Who are these Cinergy employees?


Photo 552: What are these Cinergy employees working on? Who are they?

You identified these photos


Debra Crisp identified the Florida Power transmission department employees in photo 519 as Anne Hasson and Donnie Miller of the System Planning Department. "Great Department – Great People!!," she said.


Several people recognized the employee in photo 521 as Pam Freeman of the St. Petersburg meter department for Florida Power. "I was the first female to enter the union workforce there."


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