Retro photos: Tools, trucks and presidents Retro photos: Tools, trucks and presidents

Retro photos: Tools, trucks and presidents

Can you identify these photos from the archives?


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the Carolinas. However, many of the photos are not properly identified. Help us improve our records by sending us your memories about the photos below. You can send us an email at, and please include the photo number or attach the image.

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Photo 329: This photo is from President George H.W. Bush’s visit to Duke Power in the early 1990s to recognize its volunteerism through the Thousand Points of Light campaign. Do you know the Duke Power employees and others posing with President Bush?


Photo 323: This is a group of Cincinnati Gas & Electric home service advisors pictured with then General Electric spokesman and future U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the 1950s. Do you know any of the home service advisors?


Photo 324: What brand and year is this Cincinnati Gas & Electric vehicle? What was it used for?


Photo 327: Who is this Cincinnati Gas & Electric meter reader? What kind of equipment is she using? And when was this taken?

Mysteries solved!


Duke Energy employees Rob Moscrip and Debbie Shirley in Indiana recognized this group in photo 186 from the mid-2000s. Moscrip, who’s in the picture, said this is the Projects West Transmission group at a training for bare hand transmission line repair. Front row from left: Ted Bevins, Tina Quinlin, Jerry Koors, Marty Zearbaugh, Terry Lafonse, and back row from left: John White, Rob Moscrip, Vernle Narvel, Bob Tearman, Back Bayne.

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