Retro photos: Taking care of business Retro photos: Taking care of business

Retro photos: Taking care of business

Can you help us ID these photos?


This selection of photos highlights teammates in several locations throughout the years who have helped keep the lights on for our customers. Let us know who you recognize by emailing, and include the photo number or attach the image. And keep scrolling to find out what we learned about several Retro photos shared previously.

2024-0523-Retro 794

Photo 795: These employees worked at the Garner, N.C., Operations Center. What are they looking at? Do you recognize them?

2024-0523-Retro 777

Photo 777: A group of employees stand outside of the Hickory, N.C., Operations Center. Do you know who they are? What were their jobs?

2024-0523-Retro 809

Photo 809: We think these two gentlemen worked for Piedmont Natural Gas, a subsidiary of Duke Energy. Can you help us ID them? Where did they work?

2024-0523-Retro 799

Photo 799: We think this employee worked at the Garner Operations Office. Do you know his name? What is he doing?

2024-0523-Retro 789

Photo 789: Do you recognize anyone in this photo? It’s from our Carolina Power & Light collection. Any guesses as to what brought this group together, or what the photo would have been used for?

You helped us learn more about these photos:

2024-0509-Retro 821

Photo 821: We know more about these employees thanks to Gary Bitter, Scott Mallory and Scott Hardy. From left to right, they are David Cribs and Larry Hardy. Both men worked out of the Haines City and Lake Wales Florida area, but at the time this photo was taken, “they were in North Carolina working an ice storm in the early ‘80s,” Scott Hardy said.

2024-0509-Retro 823

Photo 823: Many of you reached out to share that this employee is Bob Seigworth. The photograph was probably taken in the mid-80s when Bob was an electrician’s apprentice in Ocala, Fla., Tim Hoffman said.

Gary Bitter added, "Bob was a Relay Tech in Ocala, Fla., when I arrived in 1995. He was a super nice guy and full of knowledge that helped teach me the world of distribution relays. He eventually became the Relay Supervisor in Ocala as the third in a string of “Bobs” to hold the position.”

Seigworth has since retired from the company, but we hear that he still works for a contract partner on Duke Energy transmission projects.

“After retiring from Duke Energy in 2014,” Bitter continued, “[Bob] became the founding Program Director of the Lake-Sumter State College Energy Technology Program that provided lineworkers and substation/relay tech courses at a satellite campus. Duke Energy partnered with the college by supplying equipment for mock relay panels and a substation for the classes."

Thanks to Robert Cabrera, Nancy Dodd, Shawn Tyler and Margaret Farmer for their responses, as well as Linda Jagnow, who shared a little more about the walkie-talkie device in the photo: This was the Neighborhood Radio Watch program, a community service program in Florida that allowed residents with emergencies to tell the Florida Power driver to radio for help. A program brochure said drivers could “radio for help quickly, saving time and maybe a life.”

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