Retro photos: Something to smile about Retro photos: Something to smile about

Retro photos: Something to smile about

Can you help us ID these photos?


In this edition, we present you with some photos of smiling (mostly) employees. And thanks to you, devoted readers, we identify some people who appeared in earlier editions of retro. If you recognize any of the people or locations in these photos from the Duke Energy archives, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 678: Where was this Duke Power office located? Is it still in use?


Photo 695: Who is this Duke Power employee and what did he do?


Photo 701: Who are these Florida Power employees? Why are they posing for a photo?


Photo 714: Do you recognize these Piedmont Natural Gas employees? Where did they work? And what's the room they're in?

Names to go with faces and places


Kathy Johnson said photo 676 is Duke Energy’s former business office on Main Street in Reidsville, N.C. 


Photo 722: Princeton Wallace found this photo on page 61 of “A Century of Progress”, a history of Progress Energy. The caption in the book says: “Brunswick Nuclear Plant employees Bill Rowles, left, and Ed Holowell inspect a turbine rotor in September 1974.”

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