Retro photos: Say cheese! Retro photos: Say cheese!

Retro photos: Say cheese!

Can you help us ID these photos?


Meet long-ago employees from Duke Power, Carolina Power & Light (CP&L) and more. The photos come from the Duke Energy archives but don’t include identification. If you recognize any of the people or locations in these photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.

A man with glasses looks at the camera.

Photo 770: This Duke Power employee worked in Hickory, N.C. Who is he, and what is he doing?

A man and a woman stand in a library as they engage in a discussion.

Photo 778: We think these individuals worked in the Audit group at CP&L. Do you recognize them or know where they are?

A man in a hard hat stands in front of a bucket truck as he smiles for a photo.

Photo 1006: This pre-2012 photo is from our Duke Energy Corporation collection. We’d love your help identifying the lineworker. Perhaps the bucket truck holds a clue as to where or when they worked here?

A man stands outside in front of electric utility meters.

Photo 772: Help us ID this Duke Power employee who worked in Hickory. What was his job?

You helped us learn more about these photos …

Three men stand in front of a vehicle. One man points to something off camera.

Photo 805: “Left to right: Jimmy Perry, Scott Reynolds, Lloyd Stalls and they appear to be watching North Carolina’s largest tumbleweed roll by,” said Lee Bruton of Wilmington, N.C. Thanks also to Dennis Daniels, Dale Sutton, Tracy Woolsey and Gary S. Barnes, who confirmed Perry and Stalls are still with the company. We hear Reynolds just retired.

A woman, left, and a man, right, look over a map.

Photo 790: Kerry Campbell recognized Sheila Wiggins (left) and Elvie Jackson (right). We’re told Jackson was an engineer, while Wiggins worked as a land agent/representative. Both worked in Garner, N.C.

A Piedmont Natural Gas building.

Photo 813: Chris Gilbert recognized this building, saying it’s “the old Piedmont Natural Gas Service Operations Center, located at 1029 Winston Street in Greensboro, N.C.” While the building is still standing, “Piedmont moved out of this building in July 1990 and into our current location on Greengate Drive in Greensboro,” Scotty Albertson added.

Two men stand in front of map while looking at a piece of paper.

Photo 809: Thanks to Bruce Waldvogel for this information: “The man on the right is Bill Lindner who was my Vice President at Piedmont in 1991. Our division at the time was Technology, which had a number of departments like Statistical Analysis, Data Records, and Systems Mapping (before they were moved to Engineering). It looks like the Map Room on Rexford Road in Charlotte, N.C.”

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