Retro photos: Power & Light Retro photos: Power & Light

Retro photos: Power & Light

Can you help us ID these photos?


These “new” Retro photos are from our Carolina Power & Light (CP&L) collection. If you recognize any of the people or locations, please email, and include the photo number or attach the image.

2024-0606-Retro 797

Photo 797: This employee worked in office operations in Garner, N.C. Does the map provide any clues as to their role at the company?

2024-0606-Retro 800

Photo 800: Any guesses as to why these CP&L employees are shaking hands near an HVAC unit? It was also taken in Garner.

2024-0606-Retro 801

Photo 801: This photo is from the Black Mountain, N.C., area. Do you recognize the individuals? What did they do?

2024-0606-Retro 792

Photo 792: Do you recognize this CP&L employee who worked in Garner, or know what his job was?

And the employees are …


Photo 530: “This is Charles Mitchell, a maintenance technician in the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) division,” Sandra Miller said. “Charles worked at the Belews Creek Steam Station in Stokes County, N.C.”

2024-0425-Retro 811

Photo 811: Tyler Barbare helped us figure out what these Piedmont Natural Gas employees are up to. “It looks like they’re working on Base Pressure Indexes (BPIs) and chart recorders,” he said. “BPIs were installed on large gas meters to capture a reading for billing purposes. Chart recorders, installed on pipelines, recorded gas pressure. Back then, field technicians had to change out the paper charts in the recorder approximately every month and keep the record for historical purposes. Both the BPI and paper chart recorders have been retired for over 20 years now. Today, the company’s Natural Gas Business Unit technical field operations teams install and maintain electronic versions of these field devices.”

2024-0523-Retro 799

Photo 799: This is Richie Johnson, former engineer at Garner Operations Center in Raleigh, N.C. Gary S. Barnes said Johnson retired several years ago.

2024-0523-Retro 794

Photo 795: With help from Barnes and Kerry Campbell, we identified the man in the CP&L hard hat as Mike Gilliam. “Mike was an engineer at Garner Operations,” Barnes said, “but may have later moved to the grid. Looks like they are reviewing a map/layout for a work order, used by construction crews to build out the job correctly.”

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