Retro photos: Power building Retro photos: Power building

Retro photos: Power building

We know what that building was. Can you help ID the other photos?


These old photos are from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C. If you recognize any of the people or locations in the photos, let us know. Email, and include the photo number or attach the image. 

Photo 469: This is the old Duke Power headquarters, the Power Building on South Church Street in Charlotte. It was completed in 1928. If you worked there, share your memories.

Photo 362: Who was this Duke Power employee?


Photo 610: Who are these Florida Power employees? Where did they work?


Photo 625: Did Florida Power have offices in this building? The street sign says "3 ST S." Is that St. Petersburg?

You identified these photos!


Laura Brickey identified the woman in Photo 616 as Kathleen Haley, corporate secretary for Florida Progress in the late 1980s to early 1990s.


Several people told us Photo 627 is the old Florida Power Land o' Lakes business office in Pasco County where customers could come in to pay their bills. The building now houses a credit union.

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