Retro photos: Old Hickory Retro photos: Old Hickory

Retro photos: Old Hickory

Can you help us ID these photos?


When we say, "Old Hickory," we're not referring to President Andrew Jackson. These old photos are from the files at Duke Energy's Hickory Operations Center in the foothills of North Carolina.

We know the photos were taken in the area, but we don't know who is pictured, what they were doing or when they were taken. If you have any information about the people or photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 761: These are lineworkers from Duke Power’s Hickory, N.C., Operations Center. Fourth person from left is Plez Robinson and seventh man is Euell "ER" Ray White. Who are the others? What is the occasion for the handshake from the man wearing a tie?


Photo 766: Looks like some fallen trees are behind these Duke Power employees. Who are they? What was their job?


Photo 773: There’s a map of Burke County, N.C., behind these Duke Power employees. Who are they and what was their role?


Photo 783: Who are these five Duke Power employees? What did they do for the company?

You helped us learn more about these photos 


Photo 753: Here’s Tom Tate’s report: “The black car in front of the truck is a Plymouth Business Coupe from 1949-52. These had no back seat and very basic trim levels. Usually used by travelling salesmen who needed the additional space. They had a large package shelf behind the single front seat and a much larger trunk area. These were popular with other automakers as well. The line truck is the same make/model as the ones in Retro Photo 750 – 1939-47 Dodge Job Rated truck, this one is being used to install new lines in what appears to be a rural area for a new home site.”


Photo 756: We previously said the photo of this Public Service Indiana office was taken around 1959 (based on the cars), but we didn’t have a location. Gary Kimberlin said it might be in downtown Columbus, Ind. “I was an engineering co-op student in the early 1970s working in District and Division Engineering. By zooming in, the glass blocks between the doors are clearly visible and the granite type panels below the window on the left match the current Google Maps street view on Washington Street. The parking meters also match what was there at the time. The man entering the door on the right in the trench coat and hat may be John Holmes, the district manager. John would frequently drop by District Engineering on Central Avenue. The downtown customer service office would soon move to Central Avenue next to the Southern Division HQ.”

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