Retro photos: Newsletters of holidays past Retro photos: Newsletters of holidays past

Retro photos: Newsletters of holidays past

Do you remember these holiday newsletters from Duke Energy legacy companies?


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the Carolinas. However, many of the photos are not properly identified.

These photos are newsletter covers from holidays past. Send us your memories from these legacy companies by emailing If you’re emailing about a specific photo, please include the photo number or attach the image – and have a happy holiday season.

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Photo 486: From Florida Power in 1968. Do you know who the men are?


Photo 488: This article is from Cincinnati Gas & Electric’s newsletter, the OK News Power Lines, in 1993. What do you remember about the holiday train?


Photo 490: From Piedmont Natural Gas’ December 1989 issue of The Insider. We think this is of the Nashville Gas Company’s parade – do you remember it?


Photo 493: This is the Nashville Gas Company’s employee newsletter from 1970. Look familiar?


Photo 495: The oldest cover on the list – Southern Power Company’s publication from 1927.


Photo 496: Duke Power Magazine from 1968. Any idea who the woman and child are?


Photo 500: Public Service Indiana’s 1974 issue of Watts Cookin’ – do you remember the mascot Penny Power?


Photo 504: Carolina Power & Light’s December 1972 issue of Spotlight. Do you know any of the people inside the ornaments?

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