Retro photos: Meet the staff Retro photos: Meet the staff

Retro photos: Meet the staff

Can you help us ID these photos?


Meet long ago employees from Duke Power, Florida Power and Piedmont Natural Gas. The photos come from the Duke Energy archives but don't include identification. If you recognize any of the people or locations in these photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 666: Do you recognize this Duke Power employee? Where did he work, and what is he doing?


Photo 680: Where was this Duke Power office located? Is it still there? 


Photo 706: Who is this Florida Power employee? Where did he work? What are those machines used for?


Photo 713: Who are these Piedmont Natural Gas employees?

Mysteries solved


Photo 434: Retro correspondent Tom Tate said this is a Ford Model F750 with a utility bed and auger for setting power poles from 1967-72.


Photo 709: Farris Berry and Lisa Pope were among several people who helped identify these Piedmont Natural Gas employees. They are members of the S2K (Service 2000) project team at headquarters on Rexford Road in Charlotte. “S2K was implemented in 1993 and it is actually still in operation and serves as the Piedmont Natural Gas CIS (Customer Information and Billing System),” Lisa Pope said. From left: Cheryl Longshore, N/A, Tatina Ott, Betha McGill, Gloria Lyons, Joyce Harward.

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