Retro photos: Look up at that guy working Retro photos: Look up at that guy working

Retro photos: Look up at that guy working

Can you help ID these photos?


Watching lineworkers string power lines on a city street is a nice diversion from the everyday world. Perhaps you can help identify Photos 559 and 562.

These photos are from Duke Energy's archives, which house thousands of old photos from legacy companies in Florida and Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and the Carolinas. Many lack identification. If you can identify anyone or anything in these photos, email information to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 538: Cool photo from the Carolina Power and Light collection. Was this employee a weather forecaster? What is his name?


Photo 548: Who is this Cinergy employee? What was her job?


Photo 559: The cars look like they're from the 1940s and early 1950s. In what Duke Power city was the work being done?


Photo 562: While there are some signs on businesses, there are no street signs to give us a clue as to the Duke Power city. Anything look familiar?

Mystery solved


Tip o' the illumination hat to David McRee, Perry Sams and Scott Watts, who helped identify Photo 506 from the Duke Power collection, which was labeled “Spartanburg AOC.” Top row, from left, Gary Leyton, Jim Sharpe, Dave Bowyer, Rufus Kellam, Ronnie Lowe, Henry Jackson, Bill Stroud, Ted Johnson. Front row, from left, Ray Crane, Miller Jones, Calvin Bradley.

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