Retro photos: Look at all these appliances Retro photos: Look at all these appliances

Retro photos: Look at all these appliances

Can you help our archivists ID these photos?


The Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., house thousands of old pictures. The ones here are missing identification. If you have any information about these photos, or know someone who can help, email Be sure to include the photo number or attach the image.

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Photo 150: Any ideas who this Carolina Power and Light home economist is or the era of the kitchen? She looks thrilled about the collection!


Photo 158: Here’s another home economist from Florida Power. Do you know who she is or recognize the colorful kitchen?


Photo 143: This library shot was found in the Cinergy collection. Do you recognize her?


Photo 162: We know that this beauty queen is Susan Caveness, Miss Flame 1958, but do you have any memories to share about Nashville Gas Company’s Miss Flame pageant?

Mysteries solved!

CYID141 sized

Many of you wrote to tell us Photo 141 is Lee Scott, a former executive of Florida Power Corporation. Scott was Vice Chairman of Florida Progress and Chairman of Florida Power when he retired in 1990 with 40 years of service. 

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