Retro photos: It's Megawatt, the energy dog! Retro photos: It's Megawatt, the energy dog!

Retro photos: It's Megawatt, the energy dog!

Can you help us ID these photos?


We've heard of a number of energy company mascots, like the most famous, Reddy Kilowatt. And we've heard of Nashville Gas and Heating's Sonny Sunbeam, Florida Power's Louie the lightning Bug and Public Service Indiana's Penny Power. But Duke Power's Megawatt the Energy Dog? Nope.

Megawatt is one of many images in the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., that lack proper identification. You can help us improve our records by emailing information about these photos to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 432: What era was Megawatt The Energy Dog popular? Do you have Megawatt's CV or bio?


Photo 456: This was the Gibsonville, N.C., office in 1960. Does the building still exist and what is it used for now?


Photo 461: Do you recognize these Duke Power employees? What did they do for the company?


Photo 464: Who is this Duke Power employee and what did he do for the company?

Mysteries solved!

A number of you provided details about the following photos. Thanks for your efforts and a tip o' the hat to: Stephen Addison Jr., Shawn Cecil, Thomas Glenn, Donna Gouch, Brandon Martin, Ron Page, Van Parker, Thomas Tate.


Photo 453: The Jefferson Apartments were built about 1923 or 1924 at Seventh and Church Streets in Charlotte. The building is gone but the facade with the word "Jefferson" sits atop the doorway of the new building.


The Duke Power building in Photo 454 still stands on Main Street Anderson, S.C. It now houses several tenants, including State Farm Insurance and Countybank.

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