Retro photos: It's all about the teamwork Retro photos: It's all about the teamwork

Retro photos: It's all about the teamwork

Can you help ID these photos?


These old photos from the Duke Energy archives show teammates from Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. Keeping the lights on and the natural gas flowing all day and all night takes collaboration and devotion to the job.

Many of the photos in the archives lack identification. If you can identify anything or anyone in these photos, email information about these images to Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 511: Who are these employees working at Carolina Power and Light's Brunswick Nuclear Plant? What are they working on? 


Photo 518: The notes on this Florida Power photo say this is the new Customer Information Control System. Who are the employees and when was this taken?


Photo 524: What are these Nashville Gas employees celebrating and when? What was their job?


Photo 532: Who are these Duke Power employees and what were their jobs?

Mystery solved!


The man in Photo 520, published on Jan. 21, has been identified as Horace Fuller. He is testing rubber gloves at the Florida Power Meter Department, part of the 25th Street Operating Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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