Retro photos: High tech from back in the day Retro photos: High tech from back in the day

Retro photos: High tech from back in the day

Can you help ID these photos?


We've got a new batch of photos for you to identify.

The photos from the 1970s are from the Carolina Power & Light collection in the Duke Energy Archives. They show employees using the technology of the day, some of it old school like a cash drawer, some it modern, like computer tapes and microfiche. If you can identify anyone or any place in these photos, email Include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 569: This is from the 1976 CP&L annual report. Who is this audiovisual tech editing training program tapes? 


Photo 570, from the 1976 CP&L annual report: Who is this computer operator loading billing tapes?


Photo 575 from the 1974 CP&L annual report: Do you recognize these employees or the location?


Photo 577: This employee appears in the 1974 CP&L annual report. Any idea who she is or where the drive-through branch was located?


Photo 578: This employee is in the 1974 CP&L annual report looking at microfiche (a sheet of film containing images of printed pages). Notice the rotary telephone on her desk. Who is she?

And the employees are ...

Tip o’ the hat to Peggy Schulte, who recognized these Cinergy employees.


Photo 545: Peggy said this photo shows Regina Winright standing with a pile of cables removed during a mainframe computer replacement.


Photo 550 shows another mountain of cables with Bob Stander on top of the pile and Dick Stewart.

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