Retro photos: Florida meter men Retro photos: Florida meter men

Retro photos: Florida meter men

Can you help ID these photos?


These photos of Florida Power employees were made from 35mm slides. “A box was in offsite storage and transferred to the Archives,” said Duke Energy Archivist Chris Hamrick. “The box was full of slides that had been rubber banded. Over the years, the rubber bands had broken – even melted in some cases – so now there's a box of layer upon layer of mixed-up slides.”

Can you help identify the employees? If you have details on any of the photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 600: The fellow's shirt says "POWER TENNIS." Who are these employees and what was the occasion?


Photo 630: Who is this employee and what meter is he showcasing? What's the timeframe?


Photo 631: Where was this meter shop located? Do you recognize the employee?


Photo 632: Why are these employees inspecting these meters? Do you know who they are and where they worked?
Mysteries solved!


Photo 241: Jerry Roberts identified this building from a 2019 retro post as the former Piedmont Natural Gas office and showroom on Harper Avenue in Lenoir N.C. He said it closed around 2006.


Roberts said this building in Photo 242 posted in 2018 was a Piedmont Natural Gas service and distribution facility in Hickory used in the 1970s and early '80s. It is located behind the former Hickory office that was purchased from Carolina Natural Gas. He sent the photo below to show what it looks like today.



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