Retro photos: Faces of energy Retro photos: Faces of energy

Retro photos: Faces of energy

Can you help us ID these photos?


Coming to you from the Duke Energy Archives in Charlotte, N.C., four photos that don't have identification and two that do.

If you know any of the people or locations in the photos, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 659: Do you recognize this Duke Power employee? Where did he work?


Photo 702: Who is this Florida Power employee? What was The Power Place?


Photo 704: Who is this Florida Power employee? What did he do and where did he work?


Photo 715: Where did this Piedmont Natural Gas employee work? What did she do for the company?

Mysteries solved


Stan Cardwell and Martha Barnwell (with an assist from her husband, CP&L retiree Ron Barnwell) were among the people who helped identify the Carolina Power & Light employees in Photo 689: Wayne Hamilton, from left, Jerry Kirk, Tom Dwyer, Bobby Montague, Bob Metz (standing), Jim Davis, Larry Wilson, Hugh Evans (at white board).


Tom Davis was among several people contacting us about Photo 690: The info is from Wayne Lewis (holding a pen). This is the CP&L Energy Management System Project Team in the early 1990s. Standing from left is Teri Alcorn (IT), Hugh Evans (System Planning & Operations), and Bob Metz (IT). Sitting from left is Wayne Lewis (System Planning & Operations), and Steve Mann (System Planning & Operations).

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