Retro photos: Do you know anyone in the IT group? Retro photos: Do you know anyone in the IT group?

Retro photos: Do you know anyone in the IT group?

Help us ID these photos


The photo above is a group of Florida Power employees from the IT department. It's one of a number of photos in the Duke Energy archives with incomplete information. If you can identify anyone or anything in these photos, email information to, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 393: Who is this Piedmont Natural Gas executive? What was his job?


Photo 572: Who are these Carolina Power and Light these district accounting employees pictured in the 1976 annual report?


Photo 579: Who is this employee from the 1974 Carolina Power and Light annual report?


Photo 582: It looks like these Florida Power IT employees are standing in front of a government building. Can you identify them? Why were they posing for a photo?

Mysteries solved


Photo 568: This lineworker appeared in the 1976 Carolina Power and Light annual report. Todd McKenney let us know it is his father, Sam McKenney, who worked in Raleigh and retired in 2010.


Several people helped provide names of some of these Florida Power executives in photo 581 from the late 1990s. From left, front row: Roy Anderson, Janice Case, Richard Korpan, Joe Richardson, Vinny Dolan (who retired as president). Second row: David Bonk, Wayne Forehand, David Porter, Ronald Mudry, John Scardino Jr. Third row: Peter Dagostino, Terry Kelsey, Jeff Heinicka. Top row: John Paul Cowan, Rodney Gaddy, Mike Foley.

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