Retro photos: classic annual report covers Retro photos: classic annual report covers

Retro photos: classic annual report covers

Do you know any of these employees?


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the Carolinas. However, many of the photos are not properly identified. These are all annual report covers that feature unidentified employees. Can you help us improve our records by sending us your memories about the photos below? You can send us an email at, and please include the photo number or attach the image.

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Photo 354: Who are these Cincinnati Gas and Electric employees from 1979, and what did they do for the company? 


Photo 355: Florida Power Corporation employees in 1979 – do you recognize them?


Photo 356: Another report from 1979, but this time from Public Service Indiana. Anybody look familiar?


Photo 357: This cover is from 1990 at Carolina Power and Light. Who are they?

Mysteries solved!


Many of you recognized the tallest man in photo 332 as former Duke Power President Doug Booth, who was likely presenting a check or an award to a Clemson University student at the Agricultural Engineering 4H Electrical Congress in 1959.

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