Retro photos: At the office Retro photos: At the office

Retro photos: At the office

Do you recognize any of these photos from the archives?


Duke Energy’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters houses thousands of old photos from Florida to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the Carolinas. However, many of the photos are not properly identified. At Duke Energy, offices range from the traditional to substations, airboats, wind turbines and more.

Here are several photos of people at work that haven’t been identified. If they look familiar, send us an email at, and please include the photo number or attach the image. Sign up for alerts when new photos are posted by clicking here.


Photo 465: From the Duke Power Collection, do you know who these employees are or what they did for the company?


Photo 473: The next three photos are from the Cinergy Collection, but there aren’t many details. Who is this employee and what does he do?


Photo 474: Another unidentified Cinergy employee at a different kind of office. Recognize him?


Photo 476: Do you know where this Cinergy employee is or what his role was?

Mysteries solved!


When we posted photo 452, we knew from writing on the photo that it was an all-electric apartment building on Dilworth Road and Arosa Avenue in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood. But Duke Energy employees Harold Presson, Thomas Tate and Bo Malinowski did some sleuthing and found more details in John and Amy Roger’s book “Charlotte, Its Historic Neighborhoods.”

The building has since been demolished, but according to the book, Charlotte developer John Crosland built the 12-unit complex in Gothic-Tudor style between World Wars I and II. While it was a popular style in the Charlotte area then, it was unusual for the neighborhood.

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