Retro: In and out of the office Retro: In and out of the office

Retro: In and out of the office

Can you help us ID these photos?


These old photos from the Duke Energy archives show legacy company teammates from Carolina Power & Light (CP&L) and Duke Power, as well as an unknown location of a Piedmont Natural Gas office. If you can identify anything or anyone in these photos, email and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 805: These are CP&L employees in Cary, N.C. Who are they and what are they doing?


Photo 774: Do you recognize any of the Duke Power employees in this photo from Hickory, N.C., or know what year it was taken?


Photo 819: An employee works on a power line after an ice storm in North Carolina. What else can you share about this photo?


Photo 813: Where was this Piedmont Natural Gas office located, and who worked there? Is the building still standing?


Photo: 790: These are CP&L employees in the Garner, N.C., office. Do you know who they are? What are they doing?

… and the employees are …

2024-0606-Retro 800

Photo 800: David Munn, Dale Sutton and Stephen Barrick identified these employees as Doug Cooper (left) and Ed Maston. "I worked with both of them as equipment service representatives," Munn said. "We were heat pump instructors who taught CP&L HVAC dealers through our Energy Efficiency Program."

At the time, Cooper was working out of Goldsboro, N.C. He’s been with Duke Energy for 41 years and still works as a senior field service coordinator in Pittsboro, N.C. Thanks to Sutton for this additional information.

2024-0523-Retro 777

Photo 777: Scott Allen and Cregg Parks identified these Hickory, N.C., employees. From left to right: Jerry Sigmon, Ervin Thompson, David Hartman, Julie Winkler, Floyd Culbreath, Mike Stoker and Supervisor Tommy Greene. They worked in what was called the Stores Department (now Supply Chain).

Allen said he used to work with this “bunch of folks,” loading and unloading line trucks, stock trailers and keeping all the bins stocked with supplies: “In our spare time, we set up household appliances. That’s when we sold every major home appliance: televisions and home surround sound systems … We even did delivery and occasionally were tasked with doing repossessions. The Stores job also included retiring broken and changed out poles through a Rolodex or even a microfiche system. How far we have come in 35 years. We’d even sell our old poles by the foot and scrapped all of the porcelain insulators. ... The people who I worked with in the photo were all very dedicated to the job."

2024-0606-Retro 801

Photo 801: We’ve identified these employees as Robert “Fuzzy” Taylor (left) and Tommy Roberts (right) with help from Orville Arwood. They were in Black Mountain, N.C. when this photo was taken.

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