Can you ID these photos? Can you ID these photos?

Can you ID these photos?

Throw Back Thursday: 2 new photos and 3 mysteries solved!


Sharp-eyed readers solved the mysteries of three photos published recently -- the "toaster" float in Florida, the call center and the Energy Arcade. More on that below. First, two new photos that Duke Energy archivists need help identifying.

If you have any information about where or when the photos were taken, or know someone who can help, email



This photo was found in a CP&L/Progress Energy box. The Yadkin River Power Co. operated in central North Carolina and CP&L operated in the Raleigh area. Anyone know where or when it might have been taken? Or what these guys are doing? (03/04/16: Identified!)


Is this Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte back in the day or another town? (03/04/16: Identified!)


You ID'd these photos!


Several readers sent in digital clippings with info on the Florida Power Corp.'s float in the Festival of States Parade from The Independent newspaper of  St. Petersburg, Fla, from March 20, 1930. Here's an excerpt: 

"The float ... depicted a modern labor-saving device for the present-day housewife. The float was done entirely in blue and white ... A modern electric toaster was the main design.The toaster was five feet tall and was an exact replica of the electric toasters sold by the company." The women on the float were employees. 



Duke Power retiree Morris Bagwell said this was a call center on the first floor of the Power Building near Mint Street in Charlotte in the mid-1970s. "Notice the shag carpeting on the walls which was installed to reduce the noise level," he said. 


David Hunt emailed to say Steve Kronenwetter and family are depicted in the photo at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant Visitor Center in Southport, N.C. Kronenwetter says the photo was taken in 1991 or 1992.


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