Can you ID these photos? Can you ID these photos?

Can you ID these photos?

Help the Duke Energy archives solve the mystery of where these images came from


The Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., are loaded with photos, documents and artifacts. Like any shoebox filled with old photos and memorabilia, some of the items are missing identification.

That's where you come in. Help us solve the mystery of where these photos were taken.

If you recognize anyone, have any information about where or when the photos were taken, or know someone who can help, email


Photo 1: This appears to be a secretarial pool (or call center) for Duke Power. Where? What year? (01/29/16: Identified!)


Photo 2: This was found in a Florida Power collection. That's a giant toaster on the float. Where did this parade occur and for what occasion? (01/29/16: Identified!)


Photo 3: Found in a Carolina Power & Light/Progress Energy box. Where was this educational exhibit staged? (01/29/16: Identified!)


Photo 4: What kind of vehicle is this and what was it used for?

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