Can you ID these old photos? Can you ID these old photos?

Can you ID these old photos?

New mysteries from the Midwest


The Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., house hundreds of thousands of photos from legacy companies in seven states. Archivists could use your help identifying some of them. If you have details, email us at illumination@duke-energy.comTo be notified when new photos are posted, subscribe to our newsletter.


Do you know the make and model of this truck from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection?


Another from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection. What is this employee doing? Where was this photo taken?


Do you recognize this company station from the Public Service of Indiana collection? Any guesses on the era based on the cars? (11/03/16: Identified!)

Mysteries solved!


Duke Energy employee Donna Gibson recognized this Duke Power salesman as Jerry Smith from the appliance shows she used to attend in the Charlotte area.


Several of you wrote in to fill us in on who these men are. Surrounding former Florida Power CEO Andy Hines, from left, are other Florida Power executives Allen Keesler, H.G. “Pat” Wells, and Lee H. Scott. 

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