Check out these gigantic, high-tech computers Check out these gigantic, high-tech computers

Check out these gigantic, high-tech computers

Can you ID these photos? Read on to see which mysteries of the control room you solved


These photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., are missing identification. That's where you come in. If you have any information about where or when these photos were taken, or know someone who can help, email

You identified some people in photos from the last post. Keep reading to see who's who in the control room.

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Quite a computer she's working with. This image is from the Duke Power collection. Who is she and where is she working? 
Recognize this man or his computer from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection? (05/26/16: Identified!)
This Reddy Kilowatt van is from the Carolina Power & Light collection. Do you have any information about the Reddy Van? 
20160518 8track_930
This photo is from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric files. Who are these women and where are they working? 


Mysteries of the control room, solved!


Bartow control room  0516

Charlie Harper emails that the man in the foreground is Robert Willis, at the time of the photo a dispatcher at Florida Power Corp.'s System Dispatcher Office, also known as “16th Street” in downtown St. Petersburg. The other man in photo is Bill Ackerman, a design engineer. 

Man at controls BW 0516
Don Nine, Steve Tucker and others report that this is Tom Gee at Energy Control at 16th Street in St. Petersburg.
Young man at controls c1980  0516
This photo was shot at Carolina Power & Light's Brunswick nuclear plant in 1987.  Tony Waller says this is Frank O’Quinn calibrating equipment in the test equipment lab. 


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