Here are the 10 most popular illumination stories of 2018 Here are the 10 most popular illumination stories of 2018

Here are the 10 most popular illumination stories of 2018

Energy efficiency, extreme weather and lineworkers were readers’ favorites


The most popular articles on illumination in 2018 include a diverse mix of topics: energy efficiency, safety tips, human interest stories. Readers' favorites? Tips for saving on your winter heating bill. As we move further into winter, the tips will become even more useful.

Here’s a look back on the year:


Tips for saving on your winter heating bill

Easy steps to lower your bill


How to avoid a high energy bill during hot weather

Three tips that will help you manage your costs


How to prepare for hurricane season

These are the items that should be in your emergency kit


High energy bill? 10 ways to avoid billing surprises

How to understand your bill, track energy use and reduce costs


A special first day of school

Duke Energy linemen in Upstate South Carolina lead caravan to show support for the children of a lineman killed on the job in April


What to do to stay safe in a thunderstorm

Spring and summer bring thunder, lightning and downed trees. Here are five storm safety tips


How to become an energy company lineworker

When a storm hits, lineworkers labor through the night. And more are needed nationwide


4 storm myths busted to keep you safe

Test your storm knowledge and get prepared


Linemen overcome rugged terrain to restore power

In remote mountain locations in Puerto Rico, workers from Florida, the Midwest and the Carolinas greeted by grateful people


How is power restored? Here’s the answer

When the power grid is damaged, energy companies take a methodical approach to restoration


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