Video: Old Dan River power plant imploded Video: Old Dan River power plant imploded

Video: Old Dan River power plant imploded

NC plant’s retirement is part of company-wide shift from coal plants to more efficient natural gas


After more than 60 years of service to Duke Energy customers in Rockingham County, N.C., and across the Carolinas, the Dan River Steam Station is no more.

An early-morning implosion on Oct. 30 brought down the plant’s power house and three boilers. A subsequent implosion on Oct. 31 brought down the remaining precipitator. The two implosions were the culmination of nearly two years of preparation and mechanical demolition at the site.

The plant’s retirement was part of the company’s efforts to replace older, less efficient coal units with cleaner, more efficient natural gas technology.

In addition to demolishing the coal plant, work continues to excavate coal ash and safely close ash basins at the Dan River site. About half of the 3 million tons of coal ash at the Dan River Steam Station will be taken to a lined landfill in central Virginia. Remaining ash will be stored dry in a lined landfill under construction on plant property. Excavation will be completed by 2019. Learn more about Dan River activities at

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