Retro photos: Out and about

Can you help ID these photos?

Lineworkers aren't the only energy company teammates who get out of the office. These Florida Power workers were out and about.

Can you identify anyone in the photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., or know when or where they were taken? Email, and include the photo number or attach the image.


Photo 605: Is that a Florida Power executive speaking? What was the event?


Photo 606: Who is this woman?


Photo 621: We believe this is a Florida Power "Pioneer" event. What was it? And who are these people?


Photo 622: Who are these Florida Power pioneers? What were they doing? Any idea about what year it was?

Mysteries solved

You helped identify two photos from the Feb. 24 edition of Retro. Thanks!


Photo 483: This woman has been identified as Duke Power employee Laura Alexander Elliott, who worked in Corporate Communications. The photo is from the early 1980s.


Photo 634: A couple of readers identified Sam Procter, who worked at Florida Power’s Suwannee River plant and on the Traveling Turbine Crew, known as the SMC (System Maintenance Crew). He was a master mechanic.