These kids’ parents have cool jobs – energy company lineworkers

Hear what kids have to say about their parents

Lineworkers have jobs unlike any other. They run to storms, climb to their offices and are an important part of the team that keeps our lives running smoothly with reliable power. When an outage does occur, people are thrilled to see a bucket truck come toward their homes.


Their families, especially children, are happy to see their trucks pull into the driveway after a long day at work, too. Many linemen compete in rodeos that test job-related skills like climbing fast and making safe repairs, and their families can attend to watch them work. Sometimes kids show up dressed like their parents with boots, gloves and hardhats, but even when they’re not dressed like a lineman, they are proud and amazed by the work.

We asked a few about what their parents do at some of the rodeos this year. Watch the video to see what they said.