Linemen through the decades Linemen through the decades

Linemen through the decades

For Lineman Appreciation Day, a photo salute to those who brave hazardous conditions to keep the lights on all across America


When a storm hits and knocks out our power, people get upset. That's when linemen spring into action, leaving behind their homes and families in often harsh conditions to restore electricity in their community. America honors the men and women who keep the lights on with Lineman Appreciation Day. Resolutions were introduced in Congress to recognize linemen on April 18.

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More than 5,000 line workers are part of Duke Energy. They, along with thousands of contract line workers, construct, operate and maintain equipment and more than 295,000 miles of power lines that deliver electricity to more than 7 million customers – more than 24 million people – across Duke Energy's service territories in six states. 


Additional information about Duke Energy’s line workers: follow @DukeEnergy, use #thankalineman and visit

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