8 holiday hacks to help you save energy

Use these tips to create a holiday energy-saving checklist, and don’t forget to check it twice

Throughout the holiday season, energy use can increase because of holiday get-togethers, decorations and cooking. Keep your energy costs under control this season with these eight tips for conserving energy at home over the holidays.

Lower the thermostat before holiday gatherings


Holiday cooking and extra warm bodies automatically raise the temperature in your home, so you can save by turning down the heat when guests arrive.

Help your fridge and freezer save energy

Your refrigerator and freezer work hard over the holidays. Help reduce their energy use with these tips: Set your refrigerator temperature to between 35 and 38 degrees and your freezer to 0 degrees. Let food cool before putting in the fridge, to keep it from using extra energy to maintain a cool temperature. Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator because uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder. Don’t block air vents with large items – it can make the items freeze and cause other parts to run too hot.

Reduce your hot water use to save on heating costs

How? Here are a few easy ways: Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees, wash laundry in cold water, always wash full loads of laundry and dishes, and install aerators and low-flow faucets on fixtures and showerheads. All of these changes can help you save.

Put lights and decorations on a timer

Use timers to control the amount of time your holiday lights and displays are in action each day, turning them on when it gets dark and off at bedtime. Fewer hours = less energy use on your bill. Find more tips for safe, energy-efficient holiday lighting.

Deck the halls with LED Lights

LEDs are ideal for tree and holiday lighting since they are brighter, can last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, use a fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs (about 75% less) and stay cooler, reducing risk of fires. 

Adjust your indoor lighting to account for your glowing decorations

Set the holiday mood and reduce energy usage by turning off household lights and letting your holiday LED lights shine as the main lighting source.

Bake several dishes at the same time to reduce energy use from your oven


Use room-temperature ingredients and cook multiple dishes in your oven at once to conserve energy. And don’t open the door to peek – keep the heat where it belongs. You can also save by turning the oven off 10-15 minutes before the dishes are done to take advantage of residual heat. Find more energy-efficient cooking tips here.

Use a smart thermostat while you’re traveling or gone for periods of time

If you travel during the holidays, remember to adjust your thermostat. Making the temperature just a few degrees cooler will have a significant impact. Set the fan to “auto,” not “on.” Five more tips to save energy while traveling.