Stay safe and save with these 8 tips for holiday lighting Stay safe and save with these 8 tips for holiday lighting

Stay safe and save with these 8 tips for holiday lighting

Help keep holiday spirits high with these tips for safe, energy-efficient holiday lights


Sure, having the brightest house on the block is cool, but have you ever had an energy-efficient holiday display? This year you can strive for both by following these eight tips for safe, energy-efficient holiday lighting.


Energy efficiency

  • Use LED lights. LEDs are ideal for tree and holiday lighting since they are brighter, last 10 times longer, use up to 80% less energy and stay cooler, reducing risk of fires.
  • Use automatic timers. Programmable timers control the amount of time you’re running your holiday displays each day – fewer hours means less energy used.
  • Use advanced power strips. Smart strips better control when lights/decorations are on and eliminate standby energy loss.
  • Get creative (and reflective). Shiny ornaments, tinsel and mirrors can multiply the effects of your lighting without using more energy. And don’t forget ribbons, wreaths, and garlands for electricity-free holiday decorations.


  • Limit connected light strands. Don’t overload extension cords. Use only a maximum of three light strands per extension cord.
  • Hanging lights? Check your environment. When hanging outdoor lights around your roofline or in trees, keep ladders and decorations away from overhead power lines.
  • Inspect condition of lights. Check string lights for frayed wires or cracks and replace any damaged strands, as they can be a fire hazard.
  • Read the labels. Check each product label to see whether the lights are intended for indoor or outdoor use.

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