Tyger Blueways Coaltion Project 5: ADA Docks at Lake Cooley & Tygerberry Landing

Tyger Watershed & Quality of Life Fund #2019

This project will provide two ADA accessible docks to provide access to all people, regardless of abilities, to participate in environmental education, recreational programs and lake clean up programs.

Counties Impacted:

  • Spartanburg

This project will have a huge impact on providing blueways access to all people in the Upstate of South Carolina because previously there were no ADA accessible docks for people with physical limitations to safely access the water ways for recreational purposes, environmental education programs, or to participate in river/lake sweeps to contribute to cleaning the blueway systems. This project will help safely expose all people, regardless of abilities, to enriching programs that educate the public on issues pertaining to our watershed and allows for quality of life opportunities."

-- Elizabeth Hardee, member of the Middle Tyger Area Council’s Blueways Coalition



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