Sandy Run Farm Stewardship Project

Cleveland Soil and Water Conservation District, Shelby, NC

Three cattle producers, all located within 15 miles of the Cliffside Steam Plant, will fence cattle out of 10,000 linear feet of streams and creeks. The project will provide 75% of the cost for fencing, watering tanks, pipelines, and municpal taps.

Counties Impacted:

  • Cleveland County

​ The project successfully prevented around 100 cows from accessing Sandy Run and Beaver Dam creeks in southwestern Cleveland County.  Livestock is a major contributor to bacterial contamination in these creeks, and Sandy Run Creek had been classified as impaired because of high fecal coliform levels. The project fenced cows from accessing these streams and provided wells and ag taps to farmers as alternative water sources.

- Stephen Bishop, District Soil and Water Technician



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