Little Tennessee Native Fish Conservation Area Partnership

North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Raleigh, NC

The Little Tennessee River system is the nation's first Native Fish Conservation Area. We will develop a set of educational videos to inform and engage citizens, and an interactive web-based map to guide conservation efforts by the Little Tennessee Native Fish Conservation Partnership.

Counties Impacted:


  • Rabun

​North Carolina

  • Macon
  • Clay
  • Jackson
  • Swain
  • Cherokee
  • Graham


  • Blount
  • Loudon
  • Monroe

​This project is providing tools to support the Partnership’s work with aquatic restoration and public education.  The web mapper will enable partners to share data and prioritize where we should implement aquatic species and habitat restoration projects.  The video project will result in high quality videos by Freshwaters Illustrated that we will be able to use in classrooms, visitor centers, museums, and social media.  We hope these videos will inspire both residents and visitors to be engaged stewards of our streams and the incredible aquatic biodiversity they support.

- Andrea Leslie, Mountain Habitat Conservation Coordinator



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