Institute of Marine Sciences' Portable, Autonomous, On Board Water Quality Monitoring System for FerryMon

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Institute of Marine Sciences, Chapel Hill, NC

The Institute's Ferry Monitoring program (FerryMon) provides water quality monitoring data to citizens, stakeholders, managers, and policy makers to promote science-based management and awareness of the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound Estuarine System.

Counties Impacted:

  • Carteret
  • Craven
  • Pamlico
  • Hyde

​ Professor Paerl’s research using FerryMon, “aims to understand how excessive nutrients from the land make their way into our aquatic ecosystems, potentially affecting our drinking water, our coasts, our fisheries and recreation. This work is fundamental to solving some of our nation’s biggest challenges and Carolina is tremendously proud to be his academic home."

Quote from Dr. Carol Folt, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor (Jan 8, 2016)



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