Implementing Stormwater Retrofits in Maggie Valley, NC

Southwestern North Carolina RC&D Council, Maggie Valley, NC

This project will implement stormwater retrofits in Maggie Valley in Haywood County. This includes restoring 200 feet of stream bank, installing a fire truck washing pad and bio-filter, and implementing stormwater best management practices with stream access points. These activities will improve water quality and help maintain the stream at a trout standard.

Counties Impacted:

  • Haywood County

​Maggie Valley is a NC Trout City where the funded projects will directly improve the water quality of Jonathan Creek.  Much of the development is immediately adjacent to the stream where parking lots and roof tops directly drain to the stream.  It will take action by many people, but improvement can happen.

-Lynn Sprague, Executive Director of the Southwestern NC RC&D Council



The Water Resource Fund from Duke Energy is a multiyear, $10 million commitment to protect and restore waterways in the Carolinas and neighboring states. Learn more about the projects we’ve supported, and how you can get involved.