Who are the smiling bus drivers? Who are the smiling bus drivers?

Who are the smiling bus drivers?

Duke Energy archivists need your help identifying these retro photos


These photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., are missing identification. That's where you come in. If you have any information about where or when these photos were taken, or know someone who can help, email illumination.duke-energy.com.

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Nice tie. This photo is from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection. What's the device and what is the man doing?


What are the names of the employees pictured who helped to reach such a great safety recognition? The photo is from the Progress Energy (Florida Power) collection. 


This is the former Florida Power Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla. What is this site used for now? What happened to the great Florida Power logo?  


These gents are Duke Power Transit bus drivers. Recognize anyone? We're looking for a time period, service area and names. (10/05/16: Identified!)

Mystery solved

Ed Brewer, Danny Faile, Lawrence Thornton and Charles Bailes all helped us confirm that this is Carolina Power & Light's Robinson 1 plant.


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