When high-tech computers needed a whole room

Look back at history with these photos. Can you help ID them?

Are you a history buff? Maybe you can help Duke Energy archivists identify these photos from. If they look familiar to you, send us an email at illumination@duke-energy.com. You can also subscribe here to be updated when new photos are posted.


According to Duke Power records, this is the first company computer room, circa 1961. Do you know where all these IBM computers were located or what they were used for?


Do you know who these Florida Power employees are from the 1981 Spring Picnic?


These two photos are from the Public Service Indiana's lineworker training graduation award ceremony in 1971. Any idea who these employees were or where they are from?


Mysteries solved!


A couple of you wrote in to tell us you recognized this power plant as the PSI Energy Wabash River Station. It was located in Terre Haute, Ind., until its retirement in 2016. This photo was taken before unit six was added in 1968.