Summer of Savings: What to know about energy usage as temperatures rise

Usage tools, money-saving programs and other ways to keep energy use in check

As triple-digit heat indexes make headlines across the U.S., Duke Energy offers solutions and energy-savings tips that can help customers lower their energy use and save this summer.  

As people crank up the AC, energy use can go up. The bigger the temperature difference between outside and the desired temperature inside, the harder your unit must work. So, your system will run longer the hotter it is outside – even if your thermostat setting never changes.

Duke Energy is empowering customers to take control of their energy use – and costs – by ensuring they have the tools and resources to navigate seasonal high temps.

Track your home energy use

Tuning in to your unique energy usage pattern can help identify the appliances and devices that consume the most energy, and help you build a strategy to save.

Use our website or the Duke Energy app to track your energy use down to the hour, day or week. Simply sign in to your online account or create one here. Tracking when energy use is spiking can help customers adjust habits that may be driving up their monthly bill.

Take advantage of Usage Alerts

Better predict what you’ll spend on electricity each month by reviewing the Usage Alerts that arrive midway through a billing cycle. By having a smart meter and an email address on file, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive a Usage Alert notification that shows how much electricity you’re using and how much it may cost – in time to adjust.

If you unsubscribed from Usage Alerts and would like to start receiving them again, contact us.

Find answers to your Usage Alert questions.

*Please note that Usage Alerts are not available for customers enrolled in the Budget Billing and Your FixedBill programs.

Savings programs and incentives

Increase your home’s efficiency (and keep more money in your wallet) by taking advantage of the programs and incentives designed to help Duke Energy customers save.

With discounts on energy-efficient products such as smart thermostats, air purifiers, water fixtures, lighting, power strips and more, Duke Energy’s Online Savings Store is a great place to start.

Get rewarded by helping shift energy use away from peak periods by enrolling one or more of your home’s appliances – such as smart thermostats, air conditioners, heat strips or batteries – in Power Manager. This program allows Duke Energy to make minor adjustments to enrolled thermostats and HVAC systems during peak electric demand periods for a few hours a few times a month. Customers who enroll receive an initial $75 bill credit plus an annual $25 bill credit for staying in the program. Find out if you qualify. (Eligibility, as well as the name of this program, varies based on location. Energy Wise Home is the same thing as Power Manager.)

Consider a free home energy assessment, which can help lower your energy use. Valued at $180, this service helps you learn how your home uses energy and how you can save on energy costs. An energy specialist will check your home for air leaks, examine your insulation levels, check your appliances and more. Sign up online or call 844.346.4366.

Improve the air quality in your home, fix uneven temperature spots and make sure your equipment is running efficiently by taking advantage of Duke Energy’s Smart $aver home improvement rebate programs. More than $1,500 in home rebates is available to those who qualify. 

Weatherizing your home is a smart way to save money and make your home more energy efficient. From air sealing to adding insulation and improving ventilation, our income-qualified weatherization program is open to some renters (with owner approval) and homeowners of single-family homes or multifamily units; eligibility is determined by the weatherization office and an in-home assessment. Visit Duke Energy’s website for additional tips on home weatherization.

Some programs are not available in all service areas. See what savings programs you may be eligible for.

Payment assistance

Some Duke Energy customers may be eligible for further assistance. Installment Payment Plans can help people who need flexibility with paying a bill. Duke Energy also works with local and state agencies to connect qualified customers with access to resources, including Share the Light Fund and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs.

Visit our special assistance page for more information.

Did you know?

Nearly half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, according to These no- and low-cost savings tips can help households save energy:

Find more ways to save this summer.