Retro photos: Why are these guys laughing? Retro photos: Why are these guys laughing?

Retro photos: Why are these guys laughing?

Archivists need your help identifying these photos. Plus, some mysteries solved. Read on


These photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C., are missing identification. That's where you come in. If you have any information about where or when these photos were taken, or know someone who can help, email

Scroll to the bottom to see who has been identified by eagle-eye readers.

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That fellow in the tie is Duke Power CEO Bill Grigg. Who is he chatting with and where? (08/11/16: Identified!)
Duke Power Co. introduced Zax the cartoon robot in 1984 to help teach children about using electricity safely. Who is the employee in the Zax costume? Where did this event take place?
This photo from the Florida Power collection is dated Oct. 15, 1963. What's the building and where? There appear to be firefighters on the ground. What happened?
This is uptown Charlotte in 1924. Where was this shot taken? What were the buildings?  
This photo is from the Carolina Power & Light collection. What is the location and when? (08/25/16: Identified!)

Mysteries solved!

glasses 45
Several people recognized Perry Justice in this photo taken in the Financial and Statistical Accounting Department in the Power Building in Charlotte. The photo was used in the 1972 annual report. Mary Hoy and Laura Mullinax put us in touch with Billy Haywood, who wrote: "I remember the photographer posing him for the picture. Perry's pencil was normally in his right hand and his calculator was normally angled more to the right. I happened to work at the desk directly behind Perry. I posed myself trying to appear hard at work! I recognize some of the other people in the background: Karen Jarvis Zapata with the updo, Ron Barbee beside her, Dave Davis at the desk on the right and the backside of Paul Davis on the right. Don Stratton always said he was the guy in the very back with his backside out." 
clipboard 42
Adam Williams tracked down information about this 1953 photo from Public Service of Indiana. He checked with Richard “PR” Robb, a retired PSI/PSI Energy/Cinergy/Duke Energy employee who "still works for our project teams at Gibson Station. PR says the person standing in front of the control panel is substation operator John Detrick taking readings from the Bank No. 6 meters at the New Castle I avenue substation."


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