Retro photos: Old truck, big flames

Can you ID these photos?

Do you know what's happening in any of these photos from the Duke Energy archives in Charlotte, N.C.? The archives have more than 600,000 photos from Duke Energy and its legacy companies, and many need identification. If you remember any of these photos, tell us about it by emailing illumination@duke-energy.comTo be notified when new photos are posted, subscribe to our newsletter.


Any idea what this Cincinnati Gas & Electric employee is doing? Where was this photo taken and what year?


Who remembers buying appliances from Duke Power? Do you know who the salesman in this photo is? (10/20/16: Identified!)


You probably recognize Florida Power CEO Andy Hines, who's front and center, but do you recognize any of the others? (10/20/16: Identified!)


This photo of what we assume is employees rolling out transmission lines comes from the Cincinnati Gas & Electric collection. Do you know what era this is from?

Mysteries solved!


Dan Johnson wrote in to tell us this photo of Duke Power Transit bus drivers was familiar to him. That's his father, E.A. "Everett" Johnson, first person on the left in the second row.