Retro photos: Smiling faces from the 1980s

Can you help us ID these photos?

Well, we think these photos are from the 1980s. Many of the photos in Duke Energy’s archives aren't identified. We have thousands of old photos from Florida to Indiana and Ohio and Kentucky to the Carolinas. You can help. If you recognize anyone or anything, send us the info at, and please include the photo number or attach the image.


 Photo 371: Who is this Duke Power employee and where did she work?


Photo 378: Who is this Duke Power employee and where did he work?


Photo 380: Here's another Duke Power employee. Do you recognize him?


Photo 398: Who is this Piedmont Natural Gas employee?

Mystery solved!


A couple of readers identified the people in photo 414 from the mid-1980s as customers Tom and Pat Pass of Roxboro, N.C., and Carolina Power & Light employee Tommy Lloyd, who was a sales representative.