Retro photos: Real people Retro photos: Real people

Retro photos: Real people

Can you help us ID these photos?


Since Florida Power’s old ad campaign touts “real people with energy solutions,” we figure they must be employees. Maybe you recognize these men.

The photos are from the Duke Energy archives. If you recognize any of the people or locations, email, and include the photo number or attach the image.

Photo 736: Do you recognize the men in this Florida Power billboard? When did the ad campaign appear?

Photo 744: We think this real person worked in the Carolina Power & Light treasury department. Who is she?


Photo 749: Quite a collection of technology in this Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. office. What was the office used for? Where was it?


Photo 757: Public Service Indiana offered a tour of this all-electric manufactured home. Where was the photo taken? And about when? Do you have more information about the program?

Identifications, thanks to your help

2023-0713-717 truck

Photo 717: Tom Tate said this is a 1988-89 GMC Sierra model C2500: “C” meaning 2 wheel drive and “2500” meaning 3/4 ton. “The trucks shown all have the dealer window stickers on them, so they have just arrived fresh from the manufacturer.” Jeff Broom, who works in Duke Energy vehicle maintenance, said, “the truck was powered by natural gas that came from the factory with the conversion. This picture was taken at the Charlotte Garage on Verbena Street. … These trucks were used for our pipeline contractors inspectors. Our inspectors will go out to make sure our contractors were installing pipe to our standards.”


Photo 739: A number of people recognized Phil Dean. “He was THE MAN! Corporate Communications,” said Debra Crisp. “Had a great radio voice – anytime you called the Help Desk or Florida Power – it was his voice prompting you. He was smiling because the bill is only $119 and they got a $10 credit for Load Management (I assume 😉).”

Penny Rhatigan said: “I started almost 42 years ago, so I remember his voice and picture in ads that we had at Florida Power.”

And Charlene Miller said Phil was manager of external communications. “He talked to the media as a spokesperson and worked in the downtown St. Petersburg office that we used to call the GOC (General Office Complex), off of 34th Street South; long before the move to the current Florida Regional Headquarters location.”

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