Retro photos: Meter, meter on the wall

Can you help us ID these photos?

These photos are from the Duke Energy archives. If you recognize any of the people, programs or locations, email, and include the photo number or attach the image. We'll publish as many of your responses as we can. See some photo IDs below.

Photo 729: Who are these Piedmont Natural Gas employees? Where did they work?

Photo 737: This Florida Power employee was involved with time-of-day metering. Who is he? What was the project and when?


Photo 748: Do you recognize any of these Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. facilities team members? Five of them are wearing shirts with their names but I can’t decipher them. Can you? When and where was the photo taken?


Photo 756: This Public Service Indiana (PSI) storefront is located next to an Indiana Bell Telephone office. The PSI office advertises free installation of water heaters. Where was the office located? Can you figure out the year?

Here are photo IDs thanks to your help


Photo 460: Jimmy Gantt identified Michele Porter McLaughlin in this photo captioned "Catawba 1986" from back in August 2020. “She is cleaning the generator/exciter on the turbine deck. She worked for Guy Starnes, a supervisor of a generator crew, in the old Transmission Department at Toddville Ops Center in Charlotte.”


Photo 671: Thanks to Tim Freeze, who said, “This is the Lakewood Office in Charlotte, beside Lakewood Retail Substation and across the street from Lakewood Tie Substation. I worked in both substations when I was a relay technician. The building was recently renovated and is home to the Charlotte Area Transmission Service Technicians.”